Sunday, February 24, 2008

Purify My Love

Having a really good friendship is the perfect foundation for a long romantic relationship, but not all really good friendship should go there.

Written 21 June 2003

Purify My Love

You’re a sweet and charming friend.
A wonderful woman and confidante.
I was there for you sometimes,
And you for me when I needed it.

There was always some attraction,
but it never hurt or got in the way
I never had complaints about my looks,
while your a beauty and sexy too

We never tried to make a go of it.
When you were in the middle of one,
I was between romantic relationships.
I never thought to try waiting.

Then there was a moment when
we both felt a lonely need.
An emptiness, a hurtful void,
and we shared something more.

Now one of us feels desperation,
while the other wants their friend.
We both want each other's love.
For one, it's twisted with desire.

Touch my face, it's still me.
I want to be your close friend.
I'm sure if we embrace and talk,
You can purify my love again.

I see that some people have multiple blogs.  I am thinking about starting a science blog too.  It's nice to see your thoughts solidified into writing.

By the way, my wife is getting into programming.  I'm very proud of her.  She tries a lot of things and always shows talent as long as it holds her interest.  Keep an eye on her site for when she decides to show us examples of what she is doing.

One last thing.  I haven't actually been bringing too much interesting things to the 'net, but you have all been so supportive and friendly.  I appreciate your comments and your efforts to make me feel at home in the blog community.

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Anonymous said...

We love to make you feel at home here! Don't comments make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Oh and I saw a picture of your wife on her blog, she is beautiful, you are a lucky guy!

Sandra said...

I'm so glad you're blogging Kelly :)

I am really enjoying your poems and all the interesting stuff you talk about, can't wait to see your new blog :)